Namco has had a great year in gaming according to the company’s recent sales numbers.  A report shows that the company has seen a net income of 1.9 billion yen ($24 million) in its fiscal year 2012 thanks to two big sales leaders.

The first, Dark Souls, turned out to be a tremendous surprise for the company with over 1.19 million units shipping in the US and Europe alone (proving people do, indeed, like punishing themselves).  In addition, the company’s rebooted Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, which takes the series in a visceral new direction, sold well with 1.07 million units sold across Japan, Europe and the United States.

The company also did pretty well on the mobile front, despite the mild drop in paid subscribers.  In addition, its arcade sales also flourished, with numbers growing from 56 billion yen ($701.3 million) to 73.4 billion yet ($919.2 million), mainly on the sales of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.  Who says arcade gaming is dead?

Namco should have an even bigger push leading into E3.  Stay tuned to see what they’re up to.