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Namco Bandai Confirms U.S. Release for Tales of Xillia 2

by Prima Games Staff

Namco Bandai has more role-playing goodness for Sony’s PlayStation 3.

With the company’s long-awaited U.S. translation of Tales of Xillia due for release on the PlayStation 3 next month, it’s already moving forward on bringing the sequel stateside as well.  Tales of Xillia 2 has been formally announced and will make its way to America as well as Europe next year on the PlayStation 3.

“Tales of Xillia 2 will build upon the world and lore of Tales of Xillia, available on August 6th, 2013,” said producer Hideo Baba.  “The game’s story is set a year after the climactic end of Tales of Xillia and will revolve around Ludger Kresnik, a run-of-the-mill man who lives with his brother and cat, and Elle Marta, a young and dependable girl who Ludger meets by chance.”

Baba stated that “choice” will be a huge part in the game, according to a post in the PlayStation Blog.  It is “reflected in the new Weapon Swap mechanic in battle.”  You’ll also be able to make decisions, which “cause the story to branch out in a new direction.”

We’ll have a first look at Xillia’s world soon.