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Mortal Kombat 11: Kung Lao’s Friendship First Look

by Thomas Wilde

Mortal Kombat 11 has revealed its latest new Friendship, an alternate non-violent finishing move that will make its return to the series with the Aftermath DLC on May 26th. Here’s Kung Lao’s brand new Friendship finisher.

Mortal Kombat 11: Kung Lao’s Friendship Revealed

We’re officially two weeks out from Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath, DLC that will introduce a new chapter to its story mode, in addition to new fighters Fujin, Sheeva, and Robocop. This means it’s time to start checking in daily on the official MK11 Twitter feed, which often posts short clips and teasers in advance of new content dropping.

This morning, MK11’s Twitter posted Kung Lao’s new MK11 Friendship. Instead of elaborately dismembering his opponent with his trademark hat, Kung Lao now sets up… a model train set and happily plays with it. Sure, why not. Watch the video below, rehosted on YouTube by an MK11 fan:

It has to be said that for a game that’s otherwise riddled with deep dives into the Mortal Kombat franchise’s 28-year history–like how Johnny has multiple shout-outs to the old MK/MKII glitch where he could punch more than one head off the same guy–it’s weird that Kung Lao‘s Friendship doesn’t feature his pet bunny rabbit. Then again, as we saw from the multiple Fatalities involving that bunny in Shaolin Monks, there’s actually nothing Friendly about that bunny at all.

Friendships haven’t been in Mortal Kombat since 1996’s Mortal Kombat Trilogy. They’ve been a commonly requested feature from the fans for some time, though, particularly since the debut of pre-match conversations between fighters in MKX. It’s always a little weird when two characters have a remarkably cordial, friendly, or even flirtatious conversation… and then proceed to do their absolute best to kill one another. You’re still going to end up breaking bones and rupturing organs in an MK11 match, but now at least you’ve got a way to finish it out that shows it’s all explicitly been in good fun. It’s Mortal Kombat; multiple gunshot wounds are just how you say hello here.

As we build up to the debut of Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath in two weeks, we’re amping up our coverage on the MK series here at Prima. Check out our MK11 game hub for more articles, like:

Mortal Kombat 11 has a lot riding on Johnny Cage’s Friendship, to my mind. He’s already got the two funniest Fatalities in the game, so it’ll be disappointing if he just whips out an autographed glossy again. Hopefully, he’ll bust out his real Hollywood star power and offer his opponent a ride in his limo. Hit us with your own Friendship by following our official Twitter, @PrimaGames.

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