Now that we've got confirmation that the highly desired Spawn is making his way into Mortal Kombat 11, the sky seems limitless regarding who could be next in terms of a DLC character. Creator Ed Boon is known for teasing his fans, hiding clues in plain sight, and downright trolling, so when he tweeted out lyrics from the song Joker by the Steve Miller Band with one particular twist, many immediately saw this as a Joker DLC tease. 

Following a tweet that stated "Some people call me a cowboy..." NetherRealm Studios community manager responded with this: 

Immediately fans began responding with their favorite Joker GIFs, leading many to believe that this could just be our Joker tease DC fans have been waiting for. That being said, it could just be a troll, a nod to Erron Black, or just one giant conspiracy theory meant to drive us mad. 

But hear us out ...

'But why are you even writing this if it could be nothing,' you may be asking. Well, dear reader, here's why! We already know that Joker was highly talked about when talking about DLC additions within the studio. Pair that with a datamine shortly after the game's launch that showed off 'Joker' in the save files, and there could definitely be more there than what meets the eye. 

The only antithesis to this is that the Kombat Pack is only going to be hosting 2 more characters (though anything is possible), with evidence that those two fighters will be Evil Dead's Ash Williams and The Terminator. That being said, there's a lot of push and pull here so until Boon himself confirms the news, we're keeping this in the rumor pile for now.