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Monster Hunter: World Beta Start and End Times

by Josh Hawkins

Last week Capcom announced that Monster Hunter: World would receive a final beta testing phase on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. That final beta will kick off this evening, and if you want to dive into the monster hunting goodness, you’ll need to know exactly what time things will start. We’ve got all the details below, so take a look and make note of the start and end times for the Monster Hunter: World final beta this weekend.

Beta Start and End Times

Thanks to the reveal of the Elder Dragons in last week’s trailer from Capcom, Monster Hunter: World fans now know that a final beta is kicking off this weekend. Not only will this beta contain the same content as the previous betas, but it will also include a new hunt for players to take on that will pit them against one of the more difficult creatures of the New World.

We’ve already talked about how to preload the Monster Hunter: World final beta, so first make sure you head over there and get the game downloading before it releases tonight.
The final beta for Monster Hunter: World will kick off this evening, January 18, at 6PM PT (January 19 at 2AM GMT). The beta will then continue on through the weekend, giving players quite a bit of time to dive into the game and give it a whirl. The beta is open to all players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so if you’re still on the fence, now is the perfect time to see what Monster Hunter is all about, and decide whether you want to give the game a chance when it comes out.

Fans will then have until January 21 at 6PM (January 22 at 2AM GMT) to try the beta, experience some of the hunts that the final game will have to offer when it releases on January 26 worldwide. We’ll have plenty of Monster Hunter: World coverage in the days after release, so make sure you check back on January 26 to find out more about the game and gain access to our library of in-depth articles and guides. You can also head over and check out our Monster Hunter: World preview, where we share our thoughts on the game to see why we’re excited about what Capcom is doing with the Monster Hunter series.

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