Primary Information

Qurupeco is like a monster parrot that calls other monsters to do its bidding. It can provide itself with extra health or boosts in attack and defense by singing. It has two stones on the front points of its wings that it claps together to cause some pretty serious fire damage and it can spew mucus at you that will lower your resistance to fire, should you be doused with it. All in all, Qurupeco is a pain, but not terribly challenging if you know what you're in for.


2 (out of 5)

Elemental Weaknesses

Ice is his primary weakness and Water is secondary. Qurupeco's head and flintstones (The two pieces attached to its wings that it claps together to make fire) are its weakest points for elemental damage.

Physiological Weak-points

The Head and the Chest are Qurepeco's weakest points, with the Body following close behind. Using weapons that deal Cut Damage like the Greatsword, Longsword, Lance, and Gunlance or weapons that deal Impact Damage like the Hammer and Hunting Horn on its Head will yield the most damage. Bow Gunners will find more success shooting Qurupeco in the Chest. All weapons will find similar results when going to town on Qurupeco's Body.

Stagger and Knockdown Points

Hitting the Head or Body enough will cause Qurupeco to have a short stagger. Hitting it in the Left or Right Wings or beating on its Tail enough will cause it to have a long stagger. Attacking its Chest while its inflated or hitting either its Left or Right Legs will cause it have a full-on knockdown.

When Angry


Breakable Body Parts







Roaming Territory

Deserted Island: 2, 5, 7 (Starting Point), 8 (Sleeping Point), 9, 10
Sandy Plains:  2, 3, 4 (Starting Point), 7 (Sleeping Point), 8
Misty Peaks: 4, 5, 6 (Starting Point), 7, 9 (Sleeping Point)



Qurupeco will begin to dance, jumping to its left, clicking its flints together twice, jumping to the right, clapping its flints together again, lowering its wings, lifting its head, puffing out its throat and then singing. If Peco finishes its song it will give itself and any nearby monsters either health, an attack boost, or a defense boost. You can tell what it's about to buff itself with based on the color of the sound waves coming out of its beak. Green is health, Red is attack, and Brown/Orange is defense. You can throw a Sonic Bomb while Peco sings to interrupt it, but if you stagger it with actual weapon attacks while it sings, the buffs will go to you and your teammates and it will also drop a Tear.


The Call comes in two flavors. One: Qurupeco will jump into a stance similar to the one it does when Singing by sticking its head straight into the air and using Call. This Call only summons minions such as Jaggi, Ludroth, Melynx, or Rhenoplos to the Qurupeco's current area. Two: Qurupeco will stand on one foot and extend its head outward, letting out what is usually a loud, deep roar. If you see this one, prepare yourself because Qurupeco just called another large monster to its aid. The list of large monsters the Qurupeco can Call are:
Great Jaggi (If in the Deserted Island or Sandy Plains)
Royal Ludroth (If in the Deserted Island)
Rathian (If in the Deserted Island or Sandy Plains)
Barroth (Only in the Sandy Plains during the Hunter Killer quest)
Diablos (If in areas 4 and 7 of the Sandy Plains)
Deviljho (High-Rank only: If in the Deserted Island or Sandy Plains)

You can interrupt the Call the same as when Qurupeco Sings. Just beat the heck out of Peco and cause it to stagger and the Call will interrupt.


Qurupeco will stick its wings out and prance toward hunters in an attempt to trample them. To avoid this attack, dodge to either side of the Qurupeco. It's not a terribly difficult attack to avoid unless you happen to be standing right next to the Peco when it initiates the attack.

Be very careful when using a shield to guard this attack however, the Peco typically chains this move into a Peck attack. Trying to guard will likely burn through your Stamina bar and get you attacked anyway.


Qurupeco will run toward you while while Pecking with its beak four times. Simply rolling out of the way of this attack is the best solution. Attempting to block this attack is a mistake, as Qurupeco will burn through your Stamina bar very quickly.


Peco will lower its head and begin spitting balls that look like mucus in an arch. It'll spit a total of three before ending its attack. If you get hit with this attack you'll receive a Fire Resistance debuff, which means Peco's fire attacks will do significantly more damage.

To dodge this attack, roll toward the Qurupeco. The spit should go right over your head if you're close enough. Blocking will also work just fine.

Flint Smash

Qurupeco will begin smashing its Flintstones together while jumping at you. If you take a hit from this attack you'll be slapped with Fireblight status which slowly burns your health away. Dodge-roll around several times or in the water once to put the Fireblight out.

This move hurts and the burn damage you'll receive from the Fireblight makes this one of Peco's most dangerous moves. Have no fear though, you can both predict and dodge this attack with relative ease. The Peco broadcasts this attack far in advance by clapping its flints together. Every clap it does before actually attacking marks how many times it will strike; two quick claps marks two lunges toward you and three rapid claps means three attacks. Remembering this will help you keep track of how long you need to dodge. And speaking of dodging, simply walk, run, or dodge behind the Qurupeco and continue trying to stay behind it while it attacks; you can even do this with your weapon out. Just remember that circling the Peco like this only works if you're right next it. If you're a good distance away from it you'll have to try and use some well-timed dodges, then begin circling it, staying to its side as much as possible.

A word to the wise: Don't try and block this attack. Qurupeco will likely burn through your stamina bar by the second attack and once you start blocking you're committed; there's no dodging once your shield takes the first hit.

Tail Slap

Qurupeco will jump and spin in a 180-degree motion, swinging its paddle-like tail in an attempt to damage spatially-unaware hunters. Peco will generally do this attack twice for a full 360 degrees of tail-swinging action.

This attack doesn't have a ton of range, so rolling away from Peco is likely the best choice. You can also block this attack with ease.

Back Hop

Just as the name suggests, the Qurupeco will hop backwards. Sounds pretty harmless, right? Well there are a couple of possible outcomes from this particular move that'll make you think otherwise. The first outcome is that Qurupeco will flap its wings while leaping backwards, causing hunters to get Wind Pressed, a state that causes hunters to automatically guard themselves from the gust of wind, leaving them unable to move, guard, or attack for a few seconds. Peco will end up in the air after this move which will change up its entire attack set.

The second outcome is one in which Peco slams its flints together, dealing a large amount of damage and inflicting Fireblight to any poor hunters that happened to be standing near the Peco.

Dodging this attack is very difficult as the Qurupeco does it on a whim. You can try to roll to either side of the Peco when it uses this move, but your best bet is to block it with a shield, if you happen to be carrying one that is.

Aerial Attacks

Once in the air, Qurupeco will change up its tactics a bit and use a different roster of attacks. Be sure to try and attack Qurupeco during and immediately after these attacks to knock it out of the air and score some free hits while it tries to get back on its feet.


While flying, Qurupeco will try and take a bite out of hunters, swooping head-first toward them. This attack doesn't do a ton of damage, but it will knock you on your butt, which is pretty annoying if you ask me.

You can dodge this attack by rolling to either side of Qurupeco.

Aerial Spit

This move is almost identical to Spit with the only difference being that Qurupeco is flying while doing it. Try to dodge underneath the Spit projectiles by rolling toward Qurupeco or block them outright.

Aerial Bite

Qurupeco will lower its head and attempt to bite hunters beneath it. This move is pretty rare and will really only show up when hunters are directly below Peco while it's flying. You can avoid this attack by rolling in any direction that doesn't lead directly underneath the Qurupeco.

General Strategy

Qurupeco's a squirrely sucker who doesn't go long without trying to attack. The moves you have to watch out for are its Sing, Call, and anything that uses its flints. Wail on it while it Sings and Calls to stop it from summoning terrible beasties and to keep it from buffing itself; you can use Sonic Bombs to interrupt Sing. Bring Dung Bombs with you to throw at any large monsters that Qurupeco calls and use an Ice or Water weapon to deal extra damage to it. Peco provides a straightforward fight, but things can go sour really quickly if it summons a monster like Rathian or Deviljho. Follow the attack instructions above and focus on attacking its Head and Chest to deal with Qurupeco with relative ease.



Body Carves – Can Carve 3 Times

Qurupeco Scale         - 45%
Qurupeco Feather      - 32%
Monster Bone M       - 12%
Vivid Feather             -  9%
Strange Beak             -  2%

Capture Rewards

Qurupeco Feather     - 28%
Screamer x 2             - 25%
Flintstone                  - 20%
Vivid Feather            - 12%
Monster Bone M x 2 - 10%
Strange Beak             -  5%

Wound Rewards - Destroying the Beak

Strange Beak             - 75%
Screamer x 2             - 25%

Wound Rewards - Destroying a Flintstone

Flintstone                  - 50%
Qurupeco Feather     - 40%
Vivid Feather            - 10%

Tear Drops – When staggered during Call or Sing moves

Wyvern Tear              - 75%     
Qurupeco Scale         - 18%
Vivid Feather            -   7%


Body Carves – Can Carve 3 Times

Qurupeco Scale+      - 40%
Qurupeco Wing        - 32%
Vivid Feather            - 16%
Monster Keenbone   - 10%
Wonderful Beak       -   2%

Capture Rewards

Qurupeco Wing         - 24%
Screamer x 2             - 20%
Flintstone                  - 20%
Vivid Feather            - 15%
Qurupeco Scale+ x2 - 10%
Wonderful Beak        -  9%
Wyvern Stone            -  2%

Wound Rewards - Destroying the Beak

Wonderful Beak        - 55%
Screamer x 2             - 25%
Strange Beak             - 20%

Wound Rewards - Destroying a Flintstone

Qurupeco Wing        - 43%
Flintstone                  - 30%
Vivid Feather            - 19%
Flintstone x 2            - 15%
Wyvern Stone           -   3%

Tear Drops – When staggered during Call or Sing moves

Wyvern Tear               - 38%
Lrg Wyvern Tear        - 37%     
Qurupeco Scale+        - 15%
Vivid Feather              - 10%


Body Carves – Can Carve 3 Times

Qurupeco Shard       - 45%
Peco Fellwing          - 32%
Monster Slogbone    - 12%
Lustrous Feather       -  9%
Alluring Beak           -  2%

Capture Rewards

Peco Fellwing           - 24%
Quality Flint             - 20%
Screamer X 4            - 19%
Lustrous Feather       - 15%
Qurupeco Shard x 2  - 10%
Alluring Beak           -   9%
Lrg Wyvern Stone    -   3%

Wound Rewards - Destroying the Beak

Alluring Beak           - 60%
Wonderful Beak        - 20%
Screamer x 4             - 20%

Wound Rewards - Destroying a Flintstone

Peco Fellwing           - 43%
Quality Flint              - 35%
Lustrous Feather       - 19%
Lrg Wyvern Stone    -   3%

Tear Drops – When staggered during Call or Sing moves

Lrg Wyvern Tear        - 42%  
Wyvern Tear               - 25%     
Qurupeco Shard          - 21%
Lustrous Feather         - 12%

And that's all for the Qurupeco. Get help dealing with Arzuros, Wroggi, and Jaggi, and check back for more Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate monster guides.