Great Jaggi is one of the first real monsters you'll face in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate—at least in single-player. As such, he doesn't offer much in the way of a challenge, but if you lose track of this wily raptor, he'll be sure to have you surrounded by many of his kin; the tiny but feisty Jaggi and the larger, more aggressive Jaggia.

Great Jaggi 1

Primary Information


1 (out of 5)

Elemental Weaknesses:

Fire (Elemental Damage is the same on all body parts)

Physiological Weak-points


Roar (Becoming Angry)

Great Jaggi 2

Like almost all monsters, the Great Jaggi will become enraged after being harassed by hunters for some time. When this happens, G. Jaggi will stomp the ground twice, let out a Roar straight ahead of itself and smoke or steam will puff out of its mouth, marking that it is now faster and stronger than before. Normally a Roar will stagger any hunters near the beast from which the roar originated, but the Great Jaggi's is pretty small and won't cause any grief to precious hunter eardrums. When you see he G. Jaggi Roar, use it as an opportunity to score some extra hits on it; just be warned that it'll typically follow-up its Roar with an attack—usually a Shoulder Press.

When Angry


Breakable Body Parts

Great Jaggi 3

The Head Frills

Great Jaggi 4
Roaming Territory

Deserted Island: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 (Starting, Sleeping and Eating Point), 7
Sandy Plains: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Starting, Sleeping and Eating Point), 7, 8, 9
Misty Peaks: 2 (Sleeping Point) 4, 6, 7 (Starting Point), 8, 9


Lacking any sort of a ranged attack, the Great Jaggi relies on in-your-face bites, lunges and assistance from Jaggis and Jaggias. His damage output will increase, along with his speed, whenever he is angry (has puffs of steam/smoke coming out of his mouth). His anger will also cause him, like many other monsters you'll face, to increase the length of many of his attacks.

Frontal Bite

Great Jaggi 5

Great Jaggi's most basic attack is likely his Frontal Bite. If you're standing in front of him he'll snap at you, trying to take a chunk out your meatier bits. This attack doesn't do much damage and is easily dodged with a B-button roll or sidestep, or by simply moving in any direction that won't lead you directly in front of his mouth.

Side Bite

Great Jaggi 6

Like the Frontal Bite, the Side Bite is a quick nip that will only hit you if you are in close range of the Great Jaggi. The G. Jaggi will only use this attack if you are to its side or behind it. It'll swing its head toward you and snap in your direction, which will knock you over much the same way as the Frontal Bite. Simply block this attack with your shield or roll away from the G. Jaggi to avoid it altogether.

Tail Whip

Great Jaggi 7

The Tail Whip is one of Great Jaggi's few attacks that can cover some ground. While Frontal Bite and Side Bite are quick attacks that don't reach much further than the length of Great Jaggi's neck, the Tail Whip covers the full length of Great Jaggi's body, from its snout to the tip of its tail, in a full circular motion. Jaggi will jump two times in a half-circle motion with his tail leading the charge. If you get hit by this you'll be knocked on you derriere. Not unlike the rest of Jaggi's moves, this one doesn't do much in the way of damage, but its reach can make it a pretty obnoxious attack. Simply roll-dodge underneath his tail as it comes your way to avoid it.

It's also important to note that when Great Jaggi is angry, he'll use this attack twice in a row.

Shoulder Press

Great Jaggi 8

Arguably Great Jaggi's most devastating move, the Shoulder Press can cover a decent amount ground while the G. Jaggi attempts to ram you with its side. This move happens pretty quickly and is hard to predict other than seeing the Great Jaggi turn its side toward you before striking. When the Great Jaggi is angry, it'll do this attack more frequently and will often perform it several times back to back. The best way to avoid this attack is by rolling underneath G. Jaggi's head as it attacks, or, if you have enough distance between you and the Great Jaggi, running or rolling to the side of it. If you're close, either block or roll under the head. If you attempt to avoid the Shoulder Press by running away from the Great Jaggi (instead of to the left or right or under its head), you will likely get slammed by this attack, forcing you across a good deal of real estate and dealing a decent chunk of damage.

Backward Jump

Great Jaggi 9

The Backward Jump doesn't do any damage, but it's worth a mention because the Great Jaggi will often follow it up with an attack—typically the Shoulder Press. If you see the G. Jaggi take leap straight backwards, then be on your guard for a follow up attack.


Great Jaggi 10

During the course of the battle, the Great Jaggi will raise its head and begin to howl in a way that sounds similar to an ape or monkey's cry. When the G. Jaggi does this it's smaller kin, Jaggi and Jaggia, show up to assist the giant raptor-like beast. This move doesn't do any damage and is an excellent opportunity to get some extra hits in on the G. Jaggi. If you can do enough damage, you'll interrupt its Call, stopping it from getting assistance. There really isn't anything for you to do when the Great Jaggi calls except to keep fighting. Don't bother with the Jaggi or Jaggia that show up unless they are being particularly bothersome, as the Great Jaggi will just summon more, voiding all of your hard work. Another important thing to note about the Call is that Great Jaggi usually does it when it is getting weaker, so rejoice when the Calls start coming and keep wailing on the monster, because you've got it on the ropes.

General Strategy

As I mentioned earlier, the Great Jaggi doesn't offer much in the way of a challenge. Simply block his attacks or avoid them, then return the favor. Great Jaggi isn't affected by status effects like Poison, Paralysis or Stun, shaking them off with little effort. Focus on wailing on him with a Fire Element weapon of your choice and follow him to his Sleeping Point (as indicated in the Roaming Territory section at the top of this guide) when he begins to limp to finish the fight. Your first fight against the Great Jaggi is more about getting yourself acclimated to the way Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate's gameplay mechanics work and finding a weapon you're comfortable with. Consider it a practice dummy that attacks back and you'll get the idea.


Defeating a monster will grant you rewards for your efforts by way of parts from the monster you just defeated. You can, and often must, use these parts to create new armor, weapons and craft items that are key to your success over the course of the game. There is a system to getting the specific parts necessary for creating the equipment you need and this section of the guide breaks it down for you.


Almost every last monster you fight will end up challenging you again at some point in the game, but this time it'll be stronger and offer different, better rewards for stronger equipment. But before you can get there you have to challenge monsters in the Low-Rank missions. The information below is for your earliest encounters with the Great Jaggi.

Body Carves – Can Carve 3 Times

When killing a monster, you can carve items directly off of it. Most of the monsters you will hunt during missions from the Guild Clerk will allow you to carve three times and Great Jaggi is no different. Here is a list of what you can find from carving:

Great Jaggi Hide - 43%
Great Jaggi Claw - 30%
Screamer - 19%
Jaggi Scale - 8%

Capture Rewards

Monsters don't always need to be killed; they can also be captured by using a Shock Trap or a Pitfall Trap and some Tranquilizer Bombs. If you trap a monster once it has begun to limp, throw two or three Tranquilizer Bombs at it and it will fall asleep. Then you will complete the hunt. Capturing monsters in this way will net you different items than killing them and will often get you more items as a result. Here are the items you can get and your likelihood of obtaining them for capturing a monster versus killing it:

Screamer x 2 - 46%
Great Jaggi Hide - 32%
Great Jaggi Claw - 18%
Great Jaggi Head - 5%

Wound Rewards

Wound Rewards are the items you get for damaging specific parts of a monster's body. Wound Rewards are often items that you can only find by damaging the monster. Visibly damaging its head, cutting off its tail and/or destroying its claws are just some of the pieces of a monster you'll have to destroy in order to get these special items. Never take these items for granted as most weapons and equipment you make will require at least one Wound Reward to complete them. Without further delay, here are the Wound Rewards you can get for wounding a Great Jaggi by
destroying its frills (its head piece):

King's Frill - 65%
Screamer - 25%
Great Jaggi Head - 10%

Tear Drops

Whenever you interrupt a monster's attack, stun it or wound it, as stated above, there is a chance that a monster will shed a tear. Tears are gather-able and are represented by a shiny, flashing light on the ground. Run over and gather it (using the A-button). Here is a list of all of the Tear Drops found from a Great Jaggi:

Wyvern Tear - 75%
Jaggi Scale - 25%


Eventually you will be faced with the opportunity for a rematch against almost every monster, but this time they'll be tougher and have better items for you to carve or receive as a reward. Here are all of the items you can receive for fighting a High-Rank Great Jaggi:

Body Carves – Can Carve 3 Times

Great Jaggi Hide+ - 40%
Great Jaggi Claw+ - 28%
Screamer - 17%
Great Jaggi Hide - 5%
Great Jaggi Claw - 5%
Bird Wyvern Gem - 5%

Capture Rewards

Screamer x 2 - 43%
Great Jaggi Claw+ - 30%
Great Jaggi Hide+ - 15%
Great Jaggi Head - 8%
Bird Wyvern Gem - 4%

Wound Rewards

King's Frill - 70%
Great Jaggi Head - 12%
Bird Wyvern Gem -10%
Screamer - 8%

Tear Drops

Wyvern Tear - 50%
Large Wyvern Tear - 25%
Great Jaggi Hide+ - 23%
Bird Wyvern Gem - 2%


G-Rank missions are the highest, most difficult missions in the game. They are not for the faint of heart and will challenge even the most diehard of hunters. Here are the rewards for fighting a Giant Jaggi in a G-Rank mission:

Body Carves – Can Carve 3 Times

Great Jaggi Piel - 50%
Great Jaggi Hide+ - 12%
Great Jaggi Claw+ - 12%
Screamer - 11%
Jaggi Scale+ - 10%
Fey Wyvern Gem - 5%

Capture Rewards

Great Jaggi Piel - 41%
Screamer x 3 - 33%
G. Jaggi Claw+ x 2 - 19%
Fey Wyvern Gem - 7%

Wound Rewards

Imperial Frill - 70%
Screamer x 5 - 15%
Bird Wyvern Gem - 8%
Fey Wyvern Gem - 7%

Tear Drops

Large Wyvern Tear - 40%
Wyvern Tear - 30%
Great Jaggi Piel - 27%
Fey Wyvern Gem - 3%

And that's all for the Great Jaggi. Check back for more Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate monster guides.