Next month, it'll be all about hunting the monsters.

Capcom has reconfirmed today that its forthcoming Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be released as planned for both Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U.  But it added a little extra incentive for those who pick the games up, providing some cross-play options that'll really bring out the hunting parties.

Those who own both versions of the games will be able to transfer their data back and forth between the two, continuing their game no matter where they are.  In addition to that, if you have the Wii U version and want to play along with four of your friends, they can bring their 3DS copies and join in your battle party at any time.

If you're on your own, however, you're not completely out of luck, as the game will utilize a cool UI information system that shows your statistics over the course of your battle.

We'll have a strategic preview for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate next month.