While we feverishly await EA to mention something official regarding the much-desired Mirror's Edge 2, the company is celebrating the original game by giving it a re-release on digital formats, so users everywhere can experience it without needing to head to their local GameStop.

The game will arrive on PlayStation Network, Steam, Origin and Xbox Live this coming Tuesday, showing all the first-person acrobatic antics that you can possibly stand.  The console versions will go for a very affordable $14.99, while the Steam and Origin versions will go for five bucks more.

If you haven't had a chance to check out Mirror's Edge, there's no better time.  It really is a wondrous little game, though a bit on the short side.  Still, when you're parkour running and kicking someone in the face, you probably won't mind doing it again and again.  Just make sure you don't fall to your death.  It's painful.  Ouch.