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Minecraft Live Arrives Next Month

by Liana Ruppert

COVID-19 has caused many events and event planners to shift gears in the name of public safety, and the team behind Minecraft are no different. The Minecraft annual convention is still an evolving thing, but this year it has evolved even further into live stream format to ensure attendees can still fan out without putting themselves at risk. 

The original goal for this year was to have the Minecraft convention be an in-person affair, giving fans a chance to meet others with similar interests while celebrating a game that has impacted millions. Since that in-person vision can’t see fruition, instead fans have a Minecraft Live streaming experience to look forward to instead this October 3rd. 


Minecraft Live will bring with it new content for players to enjoy as well as some new killer announcements about the road ahead for this creatively-inspired title. For those that really want to be involved, the team over at Mojang is also giving fans a chance to vote for the next mob, which is pretty swanky considering how loyal this fanbase truly is. 

Minecraft Live officially kicks off on October 3. From the vanilla Minecraft experience to TellTale’s Minecraft adventure – even Minecraft Dungeons; there is no shortage of ways to express that blocky love with even more chances to do just that later next month.

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