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Miles Morales Gets New 60 FPS with Ray-Tracing Mode in Free Update

by Jesse Vitelli

Today, Spider-Man Miles Morales received an update that allows the game to run in what Insomniac is calling “Performance RT” mode. Currently, on the PlayStation 5, you have the option to play with 4K, and Ray Tracing turned on, or you can play in a mode that allows 60 fps. 

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This new mode allows players to play the game at 60 fps with Ray Tracing turned on. While it won’t be in 4K, it’s still great to have Ray-traced reflections and puddles in the game while also having a smooth 60 fps when you swing around the city.

The best part of this update, however, is that it’s only 261.9 MB! Which means it won’t take you all day and night to download this update. You’ll be able to download it swiftly and get in on Performance RT mode right away. 

If you haven’t checked out Miles Morales yet on the PlayStation 5, now is an excellent time to do so. If you’ve been waiting because you haven’t had the chance to get a PlayStation 5 yet, well, we wish you luck on your quest, and the bright side is now you’ll have this new mode right from the get-go when you do eventually get one! 

Having 60 frames-per-second in Spider-Man really showcases how fluid the animation on Miles is while swinging through the city. I can’t wait to hop back in and be able to experience new game+ with this new mode.

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