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Miiverse Coming to PC, Smartphones

by Prima Games Staff

Nintendo has revealed that the Miiverse will be launching for PC and smartphones by May.  The company has been actively working on getting the Wii U online community on multiple devices for a while now.

Miiverse producer Kiyoshi Mizuki said during a talk at the Game Developers Conference that the Miiverse mobile and web browser app should be available in a couple of months, according to Polygon.  This will provide basic Miiverse functionality, such as posting comments, drawing doodles, and viewing and engaging with communities. 

Additionally, a 3DS version of Miiverse is coming as well, though no release date was given.  Mizuki said that not all 3DS apps and games will be compatible with the Miiverse, unlike Wii U.

Mizuki said the company is polling game developers for what they would like to see in the Miiverse API.  The service has already seen a few improvements since the system launched in November.

Very soon, Miiverse will allow users to reply and follow others from within games without launching the Miiverse app.  Posts will also be able to link to and open certain sections of a game where other users can quickly access them.