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Mighty No. 9’s Kickstarter Drawing to a Close With Over $3 Million

by Prima Games Staff

It’s been quite a success story for Keiji Inafune’s latest project, Mighty No. 9. Ever since its official announcement at PAX Prime last month, the Mega Man-esque action game has raked in some huge cash, with over $3 million raised.

The game is currently in its final hours on Kickstarter, and Inafune is giving it a big push to meet its latest stretch goals, including ports for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. It’ll need to reach $3.5 million – which isn’t too far from where it’s at – to arrive on those platforms. You can learn more about the Kickstarter here.

Meanwhile, Inafune recently broke the news that the composer from the classic Mega Man 2 soundtrack, Takashi Tateishi, has signed on to produce Mighty No. 9’s music, alongside Mega Man 1 composer Matsumae and Inti Creates’ music veteran Yamada.

You can also check out some early test footage from the game below.

Mighty No. 9 will release in 2015 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.