Players who like free games on the Xbox 360 are in for some good news.

Microsoft has announced that its Games With Gold promotion, which introduces two free select titles to Xbox Live Gold subscribers each month, will continue on into 2014, and not come to a conclusion at the end of the year as previously announced.

The turn-around comes with the "overwhelming response" to the free games, which included Assassin's Creed II, Dead Rising 2 and, most recently, Halo 3. Over 120 million hours of these games have been played since the program's launch, a staggering number considering how old they are.

That isn't all. 97 percent of Xbox Live Gold subscribers have given positive remarks about the program.

No word yet on what the next games will be this coming November, but you can bet that Microsoft should have a few good ones in mind. In the meantime, feel free to download Halo 3. It's a classic.