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Microsoft Reportedly Looking to Buy Silent Hill and Metal Gear from Konami

by Liana Ruppert

It looks like the future for Silent Hill and Metal Gear may be brighter than we thought if this new Microsoft acquisition rumor proves to be true. With the cancelled Silent Hills PT and the treatment of Hideo Kojima, the future for Konami’s flagship franchises like the Metal Gear series and Silent Hill seemed grim but it looks like there may be hope if Microsoft continues on their acquiring spree. 

Since this is a pretty big dream for Silent Hill fans, the prospect of a revival, rumors have been aplenty. As we mention with all leaks and rumors: take them with a grain of salt until an official announcement is made, no matter how convincing. That being said, a few of our sources have been rumbling about the latest rumor, and in the interest of investigating, here’s what we know so far. 

The latest report comes from TechPlusGame after a document was found over on Pastebin. According to the document: 

“Tonight between 10PM and Midnight (est) Microsoft will finalize the purchase of the entire gaming catalog from Konami. The deal they’ve been working towards is so expensive for Microsoft that it will single-handed fund a new manufacturing facility Konami has been wanting build to focus on new R&D for gambling devices. Microsoft will have to keep paying royalties back to Konami on all games that Konami originally released, including future remasters. Only new games, made from the ground up, will be fully profitable for Microsoft. Konami will also retain the rights to create new gambling hardware based on any previously adult (M-rated) themed game they’ve released. In the deal, Microsoft will be able to select a team from potential layoff employees after the sale to help found a studio in Chou City. Konami will allow for the current “Xbox Games Studios Tokyo” as a satellite office for 12-18 months on the second floor of their current headquarters in Chou City while Microsoft finalizes their plans to move to, or construct, their own studio space.”

A similar rumor circulated earlier this year about interest but according to the Pastebin leak, that purchase has been finalized. We cleaned it up a bit but one glaring red flag is that there were a lot of grammatical errors and run-on sentences. While we are all human and those happen, usually legitimate intel tends to be a little more professional and combed through, but that could also be a simple oversight. At this point, we’re keeping this firmly in the rumor pile though we did reach out to Microsoft for comment. 

Would you like to see games like Silent Hill and Metal Gear make a comeback through Microsoft? The team has been on a roll lately with studio acquisitions and have been all-in when it comes to expanding their library to include various experiences outside of the normal shooters that the console is known for. 

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