Microsoft has claimed several domain names, some of which feature “Xbox 8”.

The company has beaten a legal battle with Chinese resident Cheng Juan through the use of the National Abitration Foum. A report from Fusible says the dispute involved several domain names.

Microsoft now owns the domains,,,, and

The claiming of these domains mightn’t be too significant as it could just be an attempt to defend their IP. With such little info on the next Xbox so far though, this kind of thing has enough impact to get the rumor mill running strong.

The speculation has been fuelled by the use of the number 8 in the domains, which matches with Windows 8, the next edition of Microsoft’s OS set to launch later this year. The next Xbox has been reported to be using Windows 8 in order to facilitate the use of Microsoft’s new multi-screen functionality.

One of the many names being bandied about for the next Xbox is also Xbox Infinite, and an 8 looks a little like the sign for infinity when turned on its side.

Other rumored names for the nextbox include Xbox 720, Xbox Loop and Project 10. It is codenamed Durango.

Microsoft has had domain name disputes in the past with,, and The Fusible report noted that there’s been no dispute around the domain, another address owned by a Chinese resident.

Microsoft hasn’t yet commented on the issue.