Those of you who updated your Kinect Central dashboard the last time you started up your game system might’ve missed an interesting little bonus that Microsoft threw into the mix – a free game.  Yep, for this week only, you’ll actually be able to download a cool little Kinect experience without forking over Microsoft points.

The game is Haunt, a haunted house simulator aimed at entertaining players of all ages.  In it, you must help out a spectral spirit who’s trapped within the confines of the house, using your Kinect to guide your player around and solve puzzles.  Haunt is pretty great for a free game, and it doesn’t hurt that it features spot-on voice acting from none other than Tim Schafer, the main man behind the Double Fine studio.

The game is free through next week, July 3rd, so you’ve got plenty of time to download it, but we recommend hopping on it right away!