Microsoft’s mission to be the face of backwards compatibility on consoles continues. When the Xbox Series X and S launched, Microsoft was already touting compatibility for over 1000 games, including nearly every Xbox One title.

Today, another planned feature, FPS Boost, is rolling out with five initial supported games.

Microsoft Launches FPS Boost for Xbox Series X/S, Starting With Five Games

Playing older games on Xbox Series X can already provide some performance boosts out of the box. You can find several examples of games that shipped with unlocked frame rates performing much more smoothly on the new hardware.

But with FPS Boost, Microsoft can enable a bigger boost for applicable games, even without input from the original developer or publisher. Check out Digital Foundry's breakdown of how FPS Boost works:

The feature launches today, with five supported games to start. Those games are UFC 4, Watch Dogs 2, Far Cry 4, Sniper Elite 4 and Super Lucky’s Tale.

What makes this seemingly random bunch of games interesting is they were picked by Microsoft to debut FPS Boost due to the variety of end results.

Examples provided were UFC4 now running at 60fps on Series S, and Super Lucky’s Tale going all the way up to 120fps.

This isn’t all, though! As we head into the spring, Microsoft will be adjusting and adding to the console UI to make FPS Boost part of the whole deal.

That includes new menu icons and system options to reflect the new options, which can be toggled (along with auto HDR) once the system update hits.

That’s all for now, but Microsoft also noted more FPS Boost games will be revealed in the “coming months,” so keep an eye out for those games you thought of when the Series X/S were still on the way.

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