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Microsoft Expanding Xbox One Friend List Ten Fold

by Prima Games Staff

A lot of questions were answered by yesterday’s Xbox One presentation Microsoft.  Still, a few questions lingered, like if the friend list would ever be expanded.

The Xbox 360 is a great system, but the friend list you can have is limited to just 100.  Don’t worry, Microsoft is aware of this issue and are remedying the matter with its next console.

Xbox Live Support’s official Twitter account (@xboxsupport) not only confirmed the expansion of the Xbox One friend list to 1,000 but chief product officer Marc Whitten had this to say when speaking to Polygon

“You’ll be able to have many, many more friends (on Xbox One) – we won’t have those types of limits, and you’ll see us pulling friends from across other social experiences.”

It’s nice to see we can add more people to our multiplayer shenanigans, because we have plenty to go around.  Just watch our Battlefield Twitch sessions if you doubt us!

The Xbox One is slated for release later this year.

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