Microsoft Axes $1 Game Pass Trial Ahead of Starfield’s Launch

They're not joking about their profits.

Starfield Game Pass Removal

We’re just a few more days away from Starfield’s release, and Microsoft is aiming for big profits. It looks like the company just removed its graceful $1 Game Pass Trial promotion before the big title’s release, as they know many people will opt to play the game through their game subscription services.

The fact was made public by Wario64 on X (formerly known as Twitter), who happened to notice that the $1 trial option just wasn’t available anymore. Players wanting to experience Starfield first-hand must now subscribe for its full-price Game Pass or just pre-order the game entirely.

This is not the first time Microsoft has withdrawn this same promotion. The $1 Game Pass Trial was removed earlier this year but eventually came back a few months later due to popular demand, although it presented a few more restrictions compared to before (14-day trial instead of 1 month).

Xbox Game Pass is a very popular choice for playing recent/popular games due to its vast library and accessible price. The $1 promotion is the perfect invitation for new users who eventually decide to subscribe to it permanently.

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Many players were looking forward to playing the new Bethesda title through it, but now they’ll have a hard time if they were counting on the promotion for a discount.

Game Pass users can set sail to the stars in Starfield on its official release on September 6th, but they can get Early Access by obtaining the game’s Premium Edition through Xbox for $34.99, even if they don’t own it. You’ll lose access to the game when your Game Pass subscription runs out, but your progress will be there when you renew your subscription or buy the full game.

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