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Microsoft Announces Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase For June 13

by Jesse Vitelli

Today Microsoft has announced the date and time for its press conference that it will host to showcase it’s upcoming games from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, and its partners from around the globe. 

Microsoft Announces Its Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase For June 13

In a news post on Xbox Wire, Microsoft announces that the showcase will be held on June 13 at 10 AM PST. The show will run for approximately 90 minutes.

You’ll be able to watch the show through one of the links below.

It also announced that it will be hosting a digital FanFest this year, which you can sign up for here.

What games could Xbox show at this showcase? Well, it’s a safe bet to assume we will finally see more from Halo Infinite. As for other games, we hope to see more from Starfield, Fable, Perfect Dark, and Hellblade 2. 

Who knows what’s in store for the showcase and there are sure to be plenty of third-party publishers showcasing their games as well here as has been the precedent in the past.

Maybe Elden Ring? Who’s to say. (we have no idea if Elden Ring will be here but the gamers love to ask). 

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