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Metroid Dread Continues the Core Metroid Storyline

by Lucas White

During today’s E3 2021 Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed a new 2D Metroid project. Once again developed by Mercurystream, Metroid Dread was introduced as the fifth Metroid game, directly following Fusion.

The story takes Samus to a new planet called ZDR after following a strange transmission. Turns out the planet is overrun by murderous robots and aliens, so Samus has to figure out what’s going on and escape.

Metroid Dread Continues the Core Metroid Storyline

Metroid Dread has been a long time coming, this particular title being teased for several years now, as far back as the Metroid Prima series. As the title finally comes to fruition, it’ll hit the Nintendo Switch later this year, on October 8, 2021.

Samus has a new look, new abilities, and new foes. The biggest focus appears to be on E.M.M.I., research machines that are now out to destroy intruders. Samus will have updated takes on Mercurysteam’s previous additions to her repertoire; including the counter move and shot-aiming abilities.

Both of these have been tweaked with more functionality, allowing Samus to use these techniques while moving. A limited wall-clinging ability has also been advertised, along with a new sliding move.

Along with the game itself, a Special Edition was revealed. This set comes with a steelbook case, an art book and a set of art cards featuring each core entry in the Metroid series.

The game’s official website also released the first of several planned blog posts diving into Metroid Dread’s finer details. A two-pack of new amiibo figures is also on the way!

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