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Metal Slug Tactics Brings the Carnage to the Grid

by Lucas White

To kick off the… Summer Games Fest Kickoff Live show, Dotemu showed us it isn’t satisfied with doing work with classic IP like the TMNT, Windjammers, or Streets of Rage.

Now the publisher has teamed up with SNK and developer Leikir Studio for Metal Slug Tactics. This new twist on the arcade, run and gun classic is exactly what it sounds like: a tactical RPG taking place on grid-based boards.

Metal Slug Tactics Brings the Carnage to the Grid

There’s no release date or even a release window yet for Metal Slug Tactics, but there is this super dope trailer featuring music from Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania) and animation from French studio Mathematic. Check it out:

According to materials from Dotemu, Metal Slug Tactics will feature procedurally generated maps, “die and retry” mechanics, customizable party members and bosses from throughout the Metal Slug series.

Dotemu is pretty busy! With TMNT and Windjammers 2 likely coming later this year along with new DLC for Streets of Rage 4, fans of retro gaming are going to eat well very soon. 

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