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Metal Gear Solid Movie Director Calls Out Black Widow Similarities In Lengthy Post

by Liana Ruppert

The Metal Gear Solid movie director couldn’t help but to call out similarities within the recently released Black Widow film trailer. The trailer itself went live earlier this week and showed off what Marvel fans can expect from the standalone spin-off. The latest video showed off Black Widow’s transformation and even more action-packed combat that the hero will encounter, but some of it  – at least according to Joran Vogt-Roberts – looked a little too similar to Metal Gear for his tastes. 

In a recent tweet, the director asked his “honest question” to fans by asking “Is there any Black Wido pre the release of Metal Gear Solid 3 in 2005 that establishes [this] white suit? It sure reminds me of a certain patriot who saved the world.” 

He then quickly followed his initial tweet up with some facts about the first white suit for Widow being introduced in 2010, six years after MGS3’s release:

His thought process conteninued with more trailer references:

Despite the frame-by-frame callout, he did add that he’ll wait to judge it too harshly until he sees the film for himself and asked his followers to be respectful to the crew behind Black Widow. The similarities are undeniable, but as he mentioned: “parallel thinking?”

Black Widow officially makes its theatrical debut on May 1, 2020. 

Liana Ruppert

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