Hideo Kojima showed off a trailer at PAX Prime for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, the upcoming addition to his fantastic epic stealth series, and much of it is now available to view online (see below).

Now of course, a lot of the trailer was largely cinematics, but hey, it wouldn’t be Metal Gear Solid is it wasn’t. The video begins with a shot of Cuban Prison camp we’re told is Camp Omega as several people are granted rainy entry. One of the characters, dressed in a cape and sporting an incredibly burnt head, hands a tape and player to a child locked in a cage.

The man with the burns and accomplices head off in a helicopter in which they discuss Snake’s mission objectives: find Peace Walker characters Paz and Chico. It’s become pretty clear that the Snake referred to is very likely to be Big Boss, whose face was used in “next Metal Gear Solid” promotional pictures put out by Kojima Productions a few months back. There’s also the fact that the next shot shows the character wearing an eye patch on the same side as Big Boss’s as he climbs a rocky cliff and on to the camp.

The video we’ve included cuts off before the gameplay continues but the PAX trailer shows the protagonist as he tranquilizes a guard spotted on a watch-post. Apparently there are multiple ways to approach the base, supporting Kojima’s insistence later at the event that this is an open-world title.

Still in gameplay mode, we see Snake steal a jeep and drive towards the base. Upon spotting an armored car he jumps out and shoots a flare to call for help. A helicopter comes to the rescue blasting Ride of the Valkyries.

Kojima explained that the choice of helicopter-riding tune will be up to the player, and that louder songs will be more likely to attract attention from nearby guards. Ixnay on the gabber then (boo).

The entire trailer, cinematics included, was running on Kojima’s new Fox engine which is looking absolutely stunning. Kojima has assured us it’s running on a PC matched to the specs of current-gen hardware so it might even look this good on the PS3. Whether it will be a Sony-only release or not we’re not yet too sure, but it has been hinted that the game is also in development for next-gen hardware.

Interestingly, when Kojima was quizzed on whether Ground Zeroes was Metal Gear Solid 5 or not, he described it as being more of a prologue. Kojima also made a point of the fact he’s leading this operation, and that it’s certainly not a spin-off.