Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes Side Ops Walkthrough – Eliminate the Renegade Threat

Tranquilize guards, jump into the armored vehicle and get to the chopper!

Complete Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes with Prima’s free walkthrough!

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When you regain control, head forward and use a tranquillizer on the lone guard. Let the Jeep pass and head in the direction it came from. Get your binoculars handy and tag everyone you see. There will be several guards on the ground and in the tower nearby.

Take a left from the gate and head along the road, moving right down a narrow passage towards your objective. Move forward and crawl under a large truck. There are three bad guys nearby, one of which is your first target, Palitz. Don’t use a tranquillizer on this guy, go for the lethal headshot to complete your first objective.

Taking this guy down will draw some attention. Just stay hidden under the truck and shoot anyone who happens to investigate. When the coast is clear, crawl out from under the truck and head to the right. Move carefully until you reach a fence with a guard beyond and to the left. Climb over the fence when the guard isn’t looking and sneak left to the corner where you can drop down into a vent. Crawl through until you reach the end, emerging near some boxes.

Move forward and pick the nearby locked gate, crawling under the building when you pass through. If you use your binoculars, you’ll spot your second target running with two other soldiers. Shoot him on sight to complete your second objective. Crawl out from under the building and keep moving along the wall and up some stairs. Follow them to the end, descending to a nearby yellow railing. Hop the railing to enter an underground passage. Follow the passage to another staircase. Head up the stairs and toward the daylight.

Move forward until you reach a door with bars on the window. When the coast is clear, go through the door and take out the nearby guard. Climb into the armored vehicle, drive forward and follow the road until you pass under the bridge. Get out when you see a dirt road on the left side. Call in the helicopter to the nearest extraction and simply sprint to its location to complete the mission.

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