We’ll be seeing free content for Mercenaries 2 this month, with more to come this November.

The first add-on is called Total Payback, and features a cheat to unlock all the game’s weapons, airstrikes and vehicles, plus another to give you infinite ammo and health.

In Total Payback there’ll also be an enhanced co-op feature, which will allow play across different regions. The pack also includes 6 new playable characters, of which we know 4 names-Blanco, Fiona, Eva and Ewan.

Total Payback is entirely free and will be out on Xbox Live come 13th October and on the Playstation Network on 20th October. Nothing is known on whether there’ll be a PC taster.

The next batch of DLC will be released in November, EA is calling this “the first Mercenaries 2: World in Flames downloadable content”, which could mean it will need to be paid for.

Mercenaries 2 is out on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and PS2, If you’d like more on the game head over to Prima’s Mercenaries 2 hub.