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The Medium Launch Trailer Hits You Right In The Silent Hill Feels

by Morgan Shaver

It’s January 28, which means The Medium is officially available as a part of Xbox Game Pass and can be played on Xbox Series X | S and on PC.

The game follows a medium named Marianne as she explores a mysterious abandoned hotel called Niwa and attempts to unravel her connection to it and its former occupants. 

If you’ve missed out on some of the previous trailers released for the game such as the RTX trailer or the live action trailer, we highly recommend giving the launch trailer a watch.

It gives off major Silent Hill vibes in all the right ways. 

The Medium Launch Trailer Hits You Right In The Silent Hill Feels

In the new launch trailer for The Medium, a song can be heard in the background that sounds… familiar.

It stirs up nostalgic memories of the Silent Hill series, and there’s a good reason for this as not only is Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka co-composing The Medium’s soundtrack with Arkadiusz Reikowski, he’s also joined again by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. 

The specific song that plays in the launch trailer is actually our favorite one from the game, and we were delighted to hear it pop up outside of the game itself. If you want to listen to it, and other songs from the soundtrack, you can find The Medium’s soundtrack on streaming services like Spotify and Bandcamp.

Anyways, enough about the song and the music, let’s talk about the direction of the trailer itself because it’s impressive and has been cut together exceptionally well.

It feels very cinematic, showing Marianne at the beginning of the game, mourning the loss of her stepfather Jack and receiving the phone call that inspires her to go to the Niwa Hotel to investigate. 

At the Niwa Hotel, the trailer shows some Dual Reality gameplay as Marianne encounters the spirit of a girl who calls herself Sadness. The trailer shows a few running sequences, the pace increasing towards the end, and the focus seems to shift to showing visually striking moments from the game.

Overall, it’s a fantastic trailer, and we’re so excited that gamers will now be able to experience The Medium for themselves. We recently reviewed it and gave it high praise. Other reviews have been mixed, and it seems like The Medium is either a game you’ll love or hate. 

We loved it, and we hope you’ll love it too. Again, The Medium is now available for purchase on Xbox Series X | S and PC, or through Xbox Game Pass.

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