Battlefield 3 is providing more than enough shoot-em-up thrills at the moment for military enthusiasts and FPS fans, but if you prefer something more, don't worry, you'll be getting it in a matter of weeks.

Electronic Arts has announced that it will be kicking off a beta for its incoming Medal of Honor Warfighter, set to start in early October on Xbox 360.  Players who take part in the session won't just get to play it early.  They'll also gain access to 60 minutes of double XP when the full game launches, so they can bump up their stats.

The beta will feature a new multiplayer function called HotSpot, a great new mode where players can fight to take control of a Sarajevo Stadium map in Bosnia.  No word on how many players will be supported with the map, but we expect quite a few.

Furthermore, if three million people take part in the beta, Linkin Park's "Castle of Glass" music video will also unlock…you know, if that's your thing.

We'll let you know when the beta goes live, but you can expect the full game in stores October 23rd.