We're just about two weeks away from the release of Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Electronic Arts' forthcoming military first person shooter.  And while you wail away on the beta that just went live on the Xbox Live Marketplace this weekend, we've uncovered some more details about the forthcoming release…

According to senior designer Ben Jones, who recently spoke with Videogamer, the Xbox 360 version is so big that it'll have to ship across two discs.  "I think that might be a reality for us as well.  It's DVD format versus Blu-Ray and you're going to see that split at certain times, especially with the amount of content that we're delivering," stated Jones.  Meanwhile, the PS3 version will be just the one disc.

Meanwhile, there's also a possibility that, like Battlefield 3, the game will require an HD install when it comes to textures.  "I believe we are (including an optional HD texture installation), but I don't know that we can confirm that.  We haven't had it confirmed to us," stated Jones.

While the swapping discs idea may not be thrilling for everyone, Jones insists it's worth it.  "For us in terms of quality bar, I think we're all very happy with what we've delivered," he said.  "Danger Close as a whole has spent a lot of time innovating and making great improvements to Frostbite 2, so we're pretty happy with that."

We'll find out how the final game fares when Medal of Honor: Warfighter arrives on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 October 23rd.