We're just a few weeks away from the launch of EA's upcoming first-person shooter Medal of Honor Warfighter, and between a thrilling new single player campaign and a competitive new multiplayer mode (both handled by developer Danger Close), we can't wait to get in the action…and now, we don't have to.

EA has revealed that it is launching a multiplayer beta for Warfighter on Xbox Live Marketplace starting…tomorrow!  The beta will be free of charge and will include the Hotspot multiplayer mode, which requires you to protect certain locations that pop up on the map.

Twelve of the 72 Tier 1 Operators will be unlocked for play over the course of the beta, including the British SAS, the German KSK and the US Navy SEALs.  You'll be fighting your way through Bosnia's Sarajevo Stadium map, where all sorts of chaos will ensue.

We'll see you in the beta starting tomorrow and have impressions for you next week!  Lock and load!

Medal of Honor Warfighter hits stores October 23rd.