One advantage PC players have had over individuals who play on video game consoles is the ability to upgrade their graphics anytime they wish. Unfortunately for console gamers, they stuck with the graphics capability of the current generation of hardware that is available. However, this is will soon be a thing of the past with the mClassic plug and play graphics processor. 

The mClassic graphics processor give console players the ability to upgrade the graphical performance of their favorite consoles by merely plugging the device into their platform and their television or monitor. Every console, including the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and a vast array of retro video game consoles, can benefit from the increased graphical performance the mClassic processor provides. 

Tuesday, July 30th saw the official Indiegogo campaign launch for the mClassic where early backers will be able to acquire the mClassic devive for $69 with free shipping in the United States. 

More information regarding the mClassic and the powerful graphical capabilities it provides for owners of video game consoles is available on the device's official website