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Mayoral Mishaps: Just My Luck

by Prima Games Staff

As mayor in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it’s important to keep one’s town looking top-notch. Personally, I like to begin each day with a little gardening—it clears my mind and keeps the flowers blooming!

It may sound funny, but one morning, I just couldn’t seem to keep from tripping and falling, over and over again, flat on my face. It was like I’d been cursed! I even tripped and fell on my flowers.

Well, as luck would have it, my old friend Katrina just happened to be in town that day. This traveling kitty has read my fortune read lots of times, and she always knows how to give my luck a pick-me-up. I raced to her tent to have my fortune read—I just had to get rid of this bad mojo!

Sure enough, Katrina told me what I needed to do in order to turn my luck around. But this time, as I said goodbye, she stopped me and asked about opening a shop in my town.

Opening Katrina’s fortune-telling shop would require funding from the town’s residents, but I knew that everyone would benefit from having her around. I searched high and low for Bells to donate to the cause, shaking trees in the hopes of knocking down some lose change.

Unfortunately, I only ended up knocking down a beehive and getting stung pretty bad. What rotten luck! Katrina’s shop couldn’t open soon enough.

Well, after donating plenty of Bells, Katrina’s shop finally opened. Now I can visit Katrina anytime I want and keep my luck running strong.

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