Max Payne 3 has been kicking all sorts of butt since he returned back in May, with his slo-mo gunning intact and a ridiculous Hawaiian shirt to boot.  But don’t make too much fun – he can still take you out rather quickly.

One part of the game that’s been getting an utmost amount of attention is multiplayer, and it’s still fun to play today.  And Rockstar Games has announced that even more is coming our way, starting next week.

The company has announced the “Local Justice Pack”, one that will introduce new maps such as the “55th Battalion HQ”, Imperial Palace and Departure, which you can use in both deathmatch and Payne Killer modes.  You’ll also have access to an M4 Assault rifle, as well as a new Sao Paulo Police faction.  Yeah!

The map pack will be discounted for the first week, selling for $5.99 (or 480 Microsoft points).  After that, it’ll go back up to $7.99 (640 Microsoft points).  If you have the Rockstar Social Pass for Max Payne 3, it’ll be free of charge.

Now put on your Hawaiian shirt and bring the Payne!