Today sees the release of the biggest patch Naughty Dog has ever released, and it’s for none other than fantastic treasure-hunting action adventure Uncharted 3.

The patch adds a multiplayer Tournament Mode to the game, a competition that rewards players with points for performance. There are three reward tiers, which give players special weapons ad items to use in-game. The items are a temporary bonus but can be used as much as you like until the next tournament period begins.

Tournaments are entered with tickets. Ten tickets are automatically supplied with every tournament, though more can be bought via PSN. There will of course be a tournament leaderboard, which will be added to the leaderboards section already featured in the title. For more info, check the video below.

August 15th is a date to put in your Uncharted diaries (because we all keep them, yes?), as Naughty Dog will then begin to roll out new multiplayer DLC. There’ll be 137 pieces of content that you’ll be able to unlock by earning in-game levels, completing treasure sets or by buying them from the PS Store. There’s a video with DLC information just below.

There are of course gameplay fixes, balance tweaks and that kinda thing with the patch too. For the full breakdown take a look at the Naughty Dog Blog.