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Massive Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak Reveals Potential Various Timelines

by Liana Ruppert

Grand Theft Auto 6 talk is nothing new and with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, the rumors surrounding the future of the GTA franchise have only gotten more common. From anonymous leaks on social media, to murmurs from alleged devs, the rumor mill is very active with this particular franchise. Added to that growing pile is a massive leak found over on reddit that reveals a lot about what could be happening with Grand Theft Auto 6.  

For the record, we are saying to take this leak with a massive grain of salt. Rockstar is known for being able to keep a tight lid on their projects and this is way too much information all at once. Still, if even a grain of it is true, here’s what the latest in the rumor mill has to offer. 

According to a recent post by one reddit user, the next Grand Theft Auto will be focused on Liberty City in the 1970s and much like a previous leak earlier this year, will focus on the more grim aspects of history including that of Harlem and various timelines. 

There’s a lot of mob boss mentality in the recent leak adn a narrative that takes placers eventually to Vice with a huge drug cartel spanning from Mexico to South America. The leaker adds, “As you arrive in Vice City, you are given more responsibilities as a Crew Leader in the Cartel. Here you are able to assign your own smuggle operation by going to South or Central America to find a solid source for quality cocaine and as you raise higher in the Organization, you meet and are able to travel to a fictionalized South and Central America, along with Mexico.

“You get to have people working under you and your job is to make your cocaine import/export run smoothly for the Cartel. These people you can meet through out the game much alike Heists from GTA V – GTA Online will allow players to join campaigns with their own customized characters. Character customization is much more detailed, ethnicity, a selection of voices that allow you to lower or raise the pitch, body type, more realistic faces, clothing so think of your Online character looking like he belongs in the Story instead of the Supermodel, crazy looking online characters of GTA Online.”

The Online portion will allegedly be set in the 80s with the entire game spanning across six main locations: 

  • Liberty City
  • Vice City
  • Rio de Neve
  • Republic of Castellana
  • People’s Republic of del Castro
  • Mexico

With the main story taking place in the 80s following the prologue set in the 70s. You can read more about this alleged info dump right here to learn more. 

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