If you are familiar with Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Gears of War - chances are you've heard the voices of a few of the key members in the upcoming game from E-Line Media: The Endless Mission. Mass Effect's Jennifer Hale is joined by Dragon Age's Alix Wilton Regan, Courtneay Taylor, Sara Amini, and Laura Bailey for an incredible new sandbox-style creation adventure recently announced. 

As for the star-studded game itself, The Endless Mission challenges players to become a part of an organization that is dedicated to helping the world through technology called The Academy. Instead of being dominated by technology, The Academy aims to help others utilize it instead as a form of reclaiming power while exploring a digital world with fervor. 

Players will be able to frame the world around them in an effort to reshape life as The Academy knows it to better benefit all. The upcoming sandbox-creation game also promises a ton of colorful characters to meet and fight alongside while enjoying a story infused with magic and technology. 

The creatively inspiring game is set to release on Steam Early Access this Summer! You can learn more at the official website right here!