Mass Effect Legendary Edition Infographic Notes Player Stats and Keeper Shames Us All

First of all, Rude.

Today, BioWare slapped together a bunch of data in a new infographic, fueled by everyone who has played Mass Effect: Legendary Edition since it launched earlier this year.

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Most of the data is pretty interesting, albeit probably unsurprising for the most part if you’re a longtime Mass Effect head. The bottom of the infographic was a clear indication BioWare woke up and chose violence this morning, though.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Infographic Notes Player Stats and Keeper Shames Us All

The infographic is a biggun’, so we’ve embedded it under all the text here. Read the article, folks! Anyway, as far as this writer is concerned it isn’t wholly surprising that most of the choices are leaning Paragon, and the “both sides win” option is the most sought-after when that path is available.

What is interesting, however, is the stat on both the encounter with the reporter as well as the infamous choice on Virmire from the first Mass Effect. Ashley Williams has a slight lead over Kaidan, and more people attacked the reporter rather than chose to weather the interview storm.

An interesting percentage for sure considering the relative diplomacy of the playerbase otherwise. Of course, the stat at the end is extremely rude, and even if it is true did it really have to be like that? Whose fault is it anyway: the players struggling to find all the Keepers or the monsters who authored that quest in the first place? Who’s to say.

Anyway, check out the graphic in its entirety below and let us know what you think over at Prima Games’ Facebook and Twitter feeds. It’s also worth noting that if you don’t have it yet, this collection is currently on sale on most platforms.

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