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Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Dated, Detailed – Biggest Expansion Yet

by Prima Games Staff

Mass Effect 3’s Omega DLC will be the biggest expansion to BioWare’s seminal space opera.

Omega is a single-player campaign expansion coming to PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 27. It’ll cost you 1200 Microsoft Points or $15.

The game’s producer, Mike Gamble explained that the title will be double the size of any previous DLC while at New York Comic-Con yesterday.

The DLC chapter’s plot involves hooking up with Omega’s ex-ruler Aria T’loak and attempting to take the station back from the dirty hands of Cerberus.

Omega is set just before the Mass Effect 3: Invasion comics in which General Petrovsky moved in and secured the space station for Cerberus. It seems the dastardly general is back again in Omega, which also marks the first time we’ll get chance to see a female turian.

“New enemies” are in the mix, which we’re presuming are the Cerberus Dragoon class recently added to the multiplayer in the Retaliation DLC.

There’s been word of an Omega storyline for some time now, in fact before Mass Effect 3 came out. There were even some missions in an early draft of the script and eagle-eyed viewers spotted Aria T’loak’s squadmate icon in an official BioWare Pulse video.

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