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Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Director On The Difficulty Of The Web-Slinging Mechanics

by Liana Ruppert

Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 was a huge hit for the Sony platform, being hailed for how incredibly the team over at Insomniac Games handled bringing our favorite webbed hero to life. From the fluid game mechanics, to the thrilling story, there was no part of the PS4 exclusive that wasn’t absolutely stunning. That being said, that same stunning experience was anything but easy to accomplish.

Game Director Ryan Smith recently took to the stage for GameLab in Barcelona this week to talk about the developmental cycle for our beloved Marvel title but it was his hit points about the web-slinging feature that captured our attention the most. One thing that was a consistent selling point for the open-world game was how fluid and effortless the slinging effects were, something that took over 3 years to perfect. That, and those damned corners in-game: 

“Carrying momentum through transitions–that was something where, when we unlocked some of that momentum transfer between big swings and different places you can leap off in a swing, that was a huge game changer for us. Adding an expressive camera that makes you feel like you are Spider-Man–how would you feel during those swings, during the dive, and how can we emphasise that with the camera? All of that was developed over the space of two or three years, finding those opportunities based on the prototype we had.”

With such a variation of momentum seen in the game, nailing those physics mechanics was absolutely imperative when it came to getting the game ready for launch. Luckily, they pulled it off flawlessly and the title was a huge hit for Marvel fans everywhere. 

Source: VG247, PSLifeStyle

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