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Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Adds Two New, Free ‘Far From Home’ Suits

by Liana Ruppert

To celebrate the Far From Home movie swinging its way into theaters, Insomniac Games has added two new inspired suits from the film into their Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 title. For those playing Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4, the Steal Suit and Upgraded Suit both add just the right amount of incentive needed to jump back into the web-slinging game. 

“After you have built the Advanced Suit early in Marvel’s Spider-Man, you are able to switch between suits during the story — so if you have already reached this stage in-game, you can use the Spider-Man: Far from Home Upgraded Suit, or the Spider-Man: Far From Home Stealth Suit right now,” said the team in a recent PlayStation Blog post. “Before you rush off to download the update — here’s a couple of new images showing those brand-new suits in game.”

The best part? They’re free! 

Insomniac added, “We’ve had a great time adding free additional content to Marvel’s Spider-Man, such as the Webbed Suit in December, and suits celebrating the Fantastic Four in January. You can get even more additional suits for Marvel’s Spider-Man by purchasing the Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps expansion series. The series tells a post-game story over three DLC chapters, and each one includes three new suits to unlock that you can use in the rest of the game and in New Game+. The series begins with Black Cat returning to Marvel’s New York, but players quickly realize she’s a part of something much bigger that will entangle Spider-Man with the notorious Hammerhead. You can download Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps from PlayStation Store today for $24.99 USD.”

We’re sure even more surprise content is on the way but for now, we’ve got these spiffy new Far From Home suits to enjoy! Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 is now available exclusively on the Sony console. 

Liana Ruppert

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