Spider-Man 2 becomes PS fastest-selling game in 2023
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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Swings to the Top of Sony’s Best Sellers List

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, everybody wants to play Spider-Man.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launched worldwide on Friday, October 20, 2023, and after the first 24 hours, it became Sony’s fastest-selling studio game for the year. In fact, it could take the crown as Sony’s best-selling launch day title of all time.

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These numbers in sales in certain regions worldwide have been going so well that Spider-Man 2 is making a strong case for the Game of the Year contender for 2023. On Mon​​day, Sony thanked all Spideys for an excellent launch-day return when they broke the news that they’d sold over 2.5 million copies. 

To put these sales into perspective, we must compare them to its predecessors’ sales, other PlayStation first-party titles that were fast sellers, and GOTY contenders released by Sony’s rivals. Starting with the other two Spider-Man titles in the series.

Over the first three days of sales, the first title in the Spider-Man series sold 3.3 million copies, which became the benchmark at the time. The spinoff, Miles Morales, managed 4.1 million units sold over the first month. It was the biggest PS5 launch in the UK at its release. Together, the two sold over 33 million units by June 2022.

As per Christopher Dring from GamesIndustry.biz, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s 2.5 million copies sold in 24 hours helped it beat Super Mario Bros. Wonder to the number-one spot in the UK.

He goes on further in saying that, compared to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s predecessor, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, sales are up to 41%. When comparing it to the first Spider-Man, it’s down by 31%. As per Dring, sales don’t include the digital download and only include the physical copy sales. So these numbers will certainly change with time once the data is released and analyzed.

“Spider-Man 2 beat out competition from Super Mario to claim No.1 in the UK boxed retail charts, GfK data reveals.

“The PlayStation 5 exclusive had a strong launch. It is the biggest PS5 boxed launch of the year, with sales almost 5% bigger than the previous high point: the PS5 launch of Hogwarts Legacy back in February.

“The original Spider-Man was released in 2018, and digital downloading has accelerated significantly since then. Again, we will have to wait for the download data to come in to see how it truly compares.”

Via GamesIndustry.biz

Spider-Man 2 has been widely praised as the best superhero game ever made and played. Some even consider it to be the best game on next-gen consoles, believing it sets the tone for what gamers expect from exclusive titles launched by publishers such as Sony, Nintendo, and Xbox.

Thanks to all of its new features, outstanding graphics, and improvements, the game has left players in awe and has racked up more positive reviews than negative ones. By October 20, it had managed to secure a metacritic score of 90.

Currently, and at the time of writing this, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the best seller for 2023, with Warner Bros.’s Hogwarts Legacy not far behind. With Hogwarts launching on Switch before the end of the year, it could further increase its sales and change its status to the best-selling game of the year.

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