Marvel's Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 was a huge hit for Insomniac Games. Hailed for its incredible story, its amazing attention to the franchise's history littered throughout the game - even the game itself was a stunning visual treat. Because of its massive success, it makes sense that fans are eager to know about what's next. Luckily, a new comic tie-in may have just given us our biggest clue yet. 

The latest clue comes from Spider-Man: City of War #2 where fans of the web-slingin' hero saw him go toe-to-toe with comic villain S.W.A.R.M. Symbiotic Warfare Anthophila Restraining Model is a foe made from nightmares, especially for those that have a phobia of bees. This baddie is entirely made up of bees and apparently was left on the cutting room floor for the first Spider-Man game, though it looks like the sequel might yet have use for him.

For those players of the first game that were focused on the J. Jonah Jameson podcast, SWARM was mentioned once when Jameson mentioned he was a "Nazi made out of bees." Though players didn't actually get to face off against him, the sequel might finally give us the chance to see this horror show for ourselves. 

Luckily for us, the ending of Marvel's Spider-Man was less than subtle about the sequel housing more than one bad guy, which makes the possible inclusion of SWARM that much more exciting. That being said, it's important to remember that Insomniac Games themselves has yet to confirm this new info, nor a solid outline for the potential sequel. As enticing as fighting a Nazi made out of bees is, take all leaks, news, and reports about this baddie as pure speculation until the studio themselves confirm it. 

As for the game itself, Marvel's Spider-Man is now available exclusively on the PlayStation 4.