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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a New Tactical RPG From Firaxis

by Lucas White

Firaxis Games, known for its super hardcore Xcom RPG reboot series, has a new game on the way. And it’s led by the darker side of the Marvel Universe. Marvel’s Midnight Suns, starring the likes of Ghost Rider and Blade alongside staples like Iron Man and Captain America, is headed to every current gaming device in March 2022.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a New Tactical RPG From Firaxis

Check out the gamescom premiere trailer below:

IGN got the scoop ahead of the show for post-show coverage, with some additional information on what this game is. The story revolves around an original character-slash-superhero called The Hunter, whom the player can customize to their liking. This self-insert (sort of) character is also the child of Lilith, the main villain of Midnight Suns.

The game is a tactical RPG like Xcom, but combat will be more fast-paced and won’t include the more hardcore elements like permadeath. Other major differences from Xcom haen’t been announced, but we’ll know more on September 1, 2021 when a bigger reveal is planned.

For now, Marvel fans can sign up for a newsletter on the games website once it goes live (check the trailer for the deets), and doing so will entitle them to a “Nightstalker” skin for Blade at launch. 

I’m not sure what’s up with the “Suns” part of the title, but the setup here is a take on Marvel’s “Midnight Sons” stable. Much like the Avengers this group has changed over the years, but is most well known for edgier Marvel characters like Ghost Rider, Blade, Morbius and Elsa Bloodstone.

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