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Marvel’s Avengers Publisher Planning “Powerful Add-On Content”

by Eric Garrett

With just a couple of weeks remaining until Marvel’s Avengers launches for all to enjoy, fans are looking forward to all of the heroic shenanigans they will be able to get into. That said, when it comes to content, there will surely be plenty, but the publisher hopes to bring “powerful” additional content to the title after it launches next month.

During a recent financial briefing (via VGC), Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda discussed what they anticipate in terms of sales regarding the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers. While it was “difficult” to predict sales, he does believe that sales on the digital side of things will “play a more important role” than those on the physical side. When asked what the company’s expectations are for the inbound title, Matsuda notes that they are high and post-launch operations will be crucial.

“Our expectations are very high,” Matsuda said. “Since it will be a title with GaaS (Game as a Service) features, our operations after the game goes live will also be key, not just initial sales on launch. We hope to build excitement around the title by rolling out powerful add-on content.”

As for what sort of “powerful add-on content” they have planned, it’s unknown at this time. Fans are well aware of the Spider-Man fiasco, and the devs have stated that no other platform-exclusive characters will be arriving post-launch. Well, at the very least, there are no current plans to do that. What they have said, however, is that whoever is added to Marvel’s Avengers as a DLC character, they could be from any part of Marvel’s history, which extends over the course of 80 years. That’s a whole lot of characters to choose from.

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In any case, it would appear that Marvel’s Avengers is only just getting started when it launches on September 4th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If it is even more Avengers goodness that you crave, be sure to check out our official game hub to see what’s been happening with the upcoming title.

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