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Marvel’s Avengers Kate Bishop Deep Dive Video Coming November 19

by Jesse Vitelli

If you’ve been a fan of Marvel’s Avengers that released back in September, it’s been a hell of a journey. Between some bugs, crashes, balance changes & content delays, it’s safe to say the game has had some problems. 

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Luckily tomorrow there will be a War Table deep dive for the newest hero to join the Avengers roster, Kate Bishop. 

Kate Bishop was supposed to release last month but was delayed to an undisclosed later date. Tomorrow the team at Crystal Dynamics will showcase Kate Bishop’s moveset and how she fits into Marvel’s Avengers’ story. 

This information came in a Tweet, which can be seen below.

Tomorrow November 19, at 8 am PT, we will finally see Kate Bishop in action, and hopefully, get a concrete release date. 

This is a good step forward for the game, especially since it has also delayed the game’s next-gen upgrades to 2021. 

We will see how Kate Bishop will bring new life to the game and exactly what players can expect from post-launch heroes. 

It’s also important to note that this will not be a live-streamed event. It will be a video uploaded to their Youtube account. The devs did not detail how long the video is at the time of writing this. 

We’re hopeful that the game will start its heroic redemption arc. 

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