Marvel’s Avengers Beta Date Coming Soon, Here’s What You Can Play

For those interested in the upcoming Marvel's Avengers beta, there's a few things you should know before jumping in later next month.

For those interested in the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers beta, there’s a few things you should know before jumping in later next month. From which characters will be available, to which campaign details will be playable, Crystal Dynamics revealed it all before it all goes down in August. 

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What will be playable in the Marvel’s Avengers beta? 

Players will begin living out those Marvel fantasies with the Prologue mission, a mission that explains what led up to the events of A-Day. Following this story mission that allows players to get comfy with several different playstyles offered, Marvel fans will then be able to try their hand at two Hero Missions that will feature Kamala Khan and Hulk with one of those missions taking intrigued players into the frozen heart of Russia. 

Avengers will also get a chance to scope out both the co-op War Zone missions as well as the smaller Drop Zone missions, each allowing for more loot to earn and a chance to play as, and with, other characters like Kamala, Black Widow, Hulk, and Iron Man. 

There are also the HARM Rooms, a feature in-game that allows players to train up and take on new challenges in an effort to earn more loot and experiment with different styles that suit the game itself. 

This is perfect news for those interested in seeing what this open-world experience has to offer, especially now that it has been confirmed that Hawkeye will be joining the party post-launch, one of many characters from the comics and films to be making their debut. 

When does the Marvel’s Avengers beta start? 

There are two stages to the beta: the closed beta only for those that pre-ordered the game, and the open beta that comes later. PlayStation 4 players get first dips on August 9th for those that pre-ordered, with an open PS4 beta dropping a few days later on the 14th. For those that pre-ordered the game on Xbox or PC, that closed beta period begins on the 14th, with an open version launching shortly after on the 21st. All beta periods are pretty short, lasting only a couple of days, so if you’re interested you’re going to want to keep tabs on those dates. 

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