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Marvel’s Avengers 2021 Roadmap Features First-Ever Raid & Playable Spider-Man

by Jesse Vitelli

Marvel’s Avengers recently released the War For Wakanda expansion that introduced both the new playable hero Black Panther alongside the explorable Wakanda. Today, the team at Crystal Dynamics laid out the rest of its plans for 2021 and what fans can expect to get.

Marvel’s Avengers 2021 Roadmap Features First-Ever Raid & Playable Spider-Man

The full roadmap, which can be seen below, shows Spider-Man finally coming to PlayStation, the first-ever raid for Marvel’s Avengers, and so much more. 

In September Marvel’s Avengers will be celebrating its one-year anniversary with a community event in which players can earn in-game rewards. This si alongside a bunch of free items in the marketplace.

  • Week 1: A free Iron Man outfit and anniversary bundle (Black Panther nameplate, Hero’s Catalyst, and Fragment Extractor)
  • Week 2: A free Thor outfit and an additional Hero’s Catalyst

This event will also feature a bunch of other minor changes like increased experience, Campaign Flashback missions, and more. MCU-inspired outfits will also continue to roll out in the marketplace over this time. 

The raid will offer a conclusion to Klaw’s storyline from the War for Wakanda expansion and give players a taste of the most challenging content in Marvel’s Avengers to date. Here’s a small description of what players can expect directly from the Square Enix website. 

“The Klaw Raid features custom-crafted levels, new threats that require complex and tactical combat, and stronger enemy variety themed to the Villain being faced. New enemies called Echoes – sound constructs created by Klaw – have been created and tailored exclusively for this experience. With the Power Level increase to 175 yielding more compelling drops, it is a notable example of replayable and rewarding content that fits our mantra moving forward.”

Of course, Spider-Man is finally coming to PlayStation console versions of the game this year. We still don’t know anything else, but the team has confirmed it will be in the fall/winter of this year.

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