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Marth amiibo Available in Late April

by Prima Games Staff

There’s a difference between Marth and the rest of the amiibo lineup. With the latter, you have a chance to find them all. Marth was available for a hot second when Super Smash Bros. debuted on November 21 and then quickly disappeared from U.S. stores, instantly driving up prices on eBay to $150 and higher. 

Hope seemed lost until Nintendo made the surprise announcement that Marth would see a refresh in time for Code Name S.T.E.A.M., the new strategy game for 3DS that launches March 13. Players will be able to use Fire Emblem amiibo in the game (Ike, Robin and Lucina as well), and Nintendo finally confirmed that Marth will make a comeback in late April. 

Unfortunately we don’t have info on the exact date or number of figures available. Since the publisher technically released Marth, you probably won’t be able to pre-order, so one of two things will likely happen. Either you’ll get lucky and find Marth one day, or he’ll suddenly become as common as Diddy Kong.

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