Mario & Luigi Dream Team: Luiginary Works

What is real and what's a dream?

On Pi’illo Island, exploring the real world is only half of the adventure. During dream world sequences, Luigi’s imagination (or Luigination) bridges the real and dream worlds through objects called Luiginary Works. Press the R button followed by the B button to initiate a Luiginary Work. This causes Dreamy Luigi to become one with the dream world, allowing you to perform a wide range of actions.

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Luiginary Stache Tree

Use Luiginary Stache Trees to launch Mario upward to platforms and other hard-to-reach places. On the Touch Screen, either side of Luigi’s moustache and watch as the branch on the Stache Tree extends. Grab Mario with the branch, then extend the branch even further, stretching it like an elastic band—the further the branch is extended, the further Mario will travel through the air. When you’re ready to launch Mario, release the Luigi’s moustache on the Touch Screen. This causes Mario to fly through the air.
Sneeze Wind
Luiginary 2
Touch Luigi’s nose on the Touch Screen to make him sneeze. The Sneeze Wind creates a wind gust in the dream world, causing objects in the background to move to the foreground, including blocks. The Sneeze Wind is also instrumental in altering dream world landscapes filled with Rotating Terrain and Switching Terrain.

Luiginary Cylinder

Luiginary 3
As Mario jumps onto the Cylinder, spin Luigi’s nose on the Touch Screen— this rotates the Cylinder in the dream world. Some Cylinders function as elevators, allowing Mario to ascend or descend while clinging to them. If a Cylinder is spun quickly, jumping off will cause Mario to travel greater distances through the air, sometimes necessary to reach distant ledges.

Luiginary Speedometer

Luiginary 4
The Luiginary Speedometer allows Mario to move faster or slower. Touch the slow icon on the left side of the Touch Screen to make Mario move in slow motion. The fast-forward icon on the right side of the Touch Screen makes Mario move faster—the play icon in the center, on Luigi’s nose, returns speed to normal. While moving fast, Mario can zip past Conveyors and complete timed challenges quickly. But when moving slow, Mario can jump higher, with greater accuracy and distance.

Luiginary Ice

Luiginary 5
When this work is triggered, Luigi can be seen shivering in his sleep on the Touch Screen. Touch the red button on the upper left side of the Touch Screen to alter the climate in the dream world, turning it from icy to warm. This causes frozen pillars in the dream world to melt, Geyser Platforms. Touching the red button again, freezes the dream world, causing the Geyser Platform to turn back into a frozen pillar—with careful timing you can freeze Geyser Platforms to forge frozen step-like terrain.

Luiginary Gravity

Luiginary 6
Luiginary Gravity works by rotating the Float Bed on the Touch Screen—this alters gravity in the dream world, determining which surfaces Mario can move across. You can rotate the Float Bed in four different configurations, allowing Mario to move along the floor, ceiling, and walls of the dream world.

Luiginary Antigravity

Luiginary 7
On the Touch Screen, touch the red button just above Luigi’s shoulder to activate Luiginary Antigravity. In the dream world this allows Mario to swim through rooms, using the Circle Pad to alter his heading and A button to perform a breast stroke. Push against surfaces with the Circle Pad, then press the A button to launch Mario at high speed, allowing him to crash through bricks.

Mastering each Luiginary Work is a critical part of exploring and advancing through each dream world. For more information on the game, including a step-by-step walkthrough with detailed maps revealing every item in the game, check out the Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Prima Official Guide, available now.

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